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Tadeusz Pankiewicz, a pharmacist in Krakow stayed in the Krakow Ghetto as the only non-Jewish resident during the German occupation.

He didn’t want to leave. He was offered another pharmacy outside the ghetto, confiscated from a Jewish family. He rejected, and stayed, helping everyone he could during the horror of the Holocaust. This is his story.

Bartosz Heksel, Historical Museum of the City of Kraków

Using his – and his employees’ – advantage of free movement in and out the Ghetto, he smuggled, carried messages and information, acquired goods, and explored hideouts and possible ways out. They nursed the injured, and of course provided people with medicine. Sedatives and sleeping pills were much needed.

[They were] supplying people with plenty of sleeping pills like Luminal, that were used to make children sleep so they wouldn’t reveal hideout with their cry.

His Pharmacy, Apteka pod Orłem is now a part of the Krakow Local History Museum.

His book was published on many languages, and some publications were written about him. Pankiewicz never referred himself as a hero. In fact his realism and honesty is what makes his book so important. He just stood his ground the best he could.

Interview, sound production: VLADIMIR RADINOVIĆ

Story editor, video production: HUNOR KIRÁLY