The play “Yesterday I remembered the blue” was performed by the Theatre for the blind and visually impaired “New Life” from Zagreb on May 13th on the big stage of the Cultural Institution Vuk in Belgrade within the Baraka Cultural Center. The scene where the actor Vojin Perić addressed the boy (wearing when he was…

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Tour of Solidarity in Belgrade

Divac Foundation in co-operation with the Tourism Bureau of Belgrade organized a thematic tour in Belgrade. The topic was solidarity. On this educational tour, we dealt with the theme of solidarity in the broadest sense of the word. During 90 minutes of walking we visited the places where the Solidarity left its mark in history…

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Lecture in Novi Sad

Lecture on Entrepreneurship was intended for students and young entrepreneurs to help further strengthen and motivate them to start their own business. Program EY Entrepreneur of the Year realized in Serbia was presented by the company Ernst & Young and whose participants talked about their experiences to the visitors. The forum was visited by 40…

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Monitoring report on philantropic activity in Albania

Our partner Partners Albania published a monitoring report on philantropic activity in Albania for the year 2016. The report analyses the main sectors and issues supported, nature and value of the donations, geographic coverage and also the nature of donors and beneficiaries. See the report on Partners Albania’s website, or download the pdf: Monitoring report on…

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Photo-contest in Macedonia

Mladiinfo International launched a photo-contest for amateur and professional photographers on the theme of solidarity. Applications should be sent until the May 30. See the detailed call for applications on Mladiinfo’s website. The finalists will be exhibited on the Macedonian Festival of Solidarity /Street Festival in Skopje.

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Online content workshop in Krakow

Partners in the project Celebrating Solidarity gathered in Krakow for a workshop on co-creating online content for their digital storytelling platform Museum of Solidarity. DemNet (Hungary), the partner responsible for the development of Museum of Solidarity presented the structure and the concept of the platform to all partners. Radiofonia (Poland) introduced the recorded stories from…

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Quiz report

Partners in the project Celebrating Solidarity conducted a minor research on solidarity in all project countries, using an online quiz and focus groups in each country. Download the powerpoint file of the preliminary report on the quiz results here: Solidarity_final  


Solidarity Lives in Serbia

Belgrade, 7th March, At the occasion of the celebrating of 10 Years Anniversary this year, under the slogan „Celebrating Solidarity“, The Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation organized the round table on which the representatives of the humanitarian organizations and humanitarian individuals tried to find answers at the question if solidarity exists in Serbia and how…

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Shooting Stories on Solidarity in Serbia

Examples of individual solidarity of citizens and thier own solidarity initiatives: Rade Jovanović (20) from Belgrade told us how the peacture of the bearfoot girl in the bus have evoked in him the feeling of citizens solidarity which have resulted with his help to the girl, and after that with the act of the solidarity…

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Progress Report

February 10, 2017 About the Project   Celebrating solidarity – Progress Report February 10, 2017 Project Celebrating Solidarity aims to explore, stimulate debate and advance solidarity as a crucial topic within European societies. It gathers CSOs from 6 European counties: 3 EU member states (Hungary, Bulgaria and Poland) and 3 Balkans countries (Serbia, Macedonia and…

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