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Project report

Project Celebrating solidarity aimed to explore, stimulate debate and advance solidarity as a crucial topic within European societies and was organized by Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation with  following project partners – RadioKit Foundation (Poland), DemNet (Hungary), Multi Kulti Collective (Bulgaria), MladiInfo International (Macedonia), Partners Albania (Albania) and Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation (Serbia). All those countries have long and turbulent history of facing crisis, both man-made (political, social, armed…

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Solidarity Talk in Tirana

On June 16th 2017, Partners Albania organized a”Solidarity Talk“, at the EU Info Centre in Tirana. The discussion took place in the framework of the Solidarity Festival, a series of activities aimed at promoting good examples of solidarity across generations. During the discussion, participants and panelists, representatives of civil society, media, business and the public sector, shared…

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Mountaineering and learning about solidarity

In the framework of the “Solidarity Festival”, a series of activities for the expression of support and solidarity for various causes, Partners Albania for Change and Development in cooperation with the Dajti Alpine Tourist Association organized the Tujan’s peak climbing, on Sunday, May 21st. The purpose of this activity was being in solidarity with ourselves,…

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