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The Keta brothers, two extremely successful Albanian sportsmen, live in Germany. Ismail moved to Germany from Albania at the age of 19 to extend his sports career, and when his brother Mike (also known as Gjetan) followed him he became his trainer.


When they discovered, that an Albanian girl was transferred to a German hospital for a special treatment, as she suffered a very rare disease, they immediately came to help. They started visiting Ambra, looking forward to help in any way. She even moved in with them, and lived with them for a while. Ismail was ready to pay for her extremely expensive treatment, but as the German government covered the costs, he decided to donate the amount for the cancer treatment of German children.

Ambra has recovered, and keeps referring the Keta brothers as her uncles.


When it was announced in 2014 that Mike will defend his WBC Eurasia Pacific Boxing Council middleweight title against the Russian boxer Marat Khuzeev, he expressed his desire to wrestle the match in his hometown, Bulqizë. Hosting the match itself was a great opportunity for the town, and a prospect for income, but the Keta brothers wanted to contribute more, and donated 4.4 ALL for the development of sport in the area.

These tough looking men are known for spreading positivity, and encouraging the prospect of achievement around them.

Ismail is not only a good kickboxer, a good person, but also an extraordinary psychologist. He was always showing me good examples of people overcoming challenges, so I was not cured only with medicines but also with his optimism, and every day passing by I was telling myself: “Hey Ambra, you will get well, you are a strong girl”! Ambra Meda

ISMAIL KETA (born 1 December 1976 in Bulqizë) is an Albanian kickboxerwho was a three time German champion in 1999 and 2000 in Federation WKA.  He began his career as an amateur boxer. Politicians and business people hired him as a bodyguard. At 19 he left Albania to refine his combative skills. In 1997, Ismail Keta “The Bull” moved to Würzburg where he started as an amateur boxer with moderate success. He joined trainer Victor Koehl, of Dragon Gym, where he received technical touches, especially in Mixed Martial Arts Tandhai and kickboxing. Later he worked with coach Detlef Thürnau (the President of the K-1 committee, MTBD (Muay Thai Federation Germany), Klaus Nonnenmacher (7-time world champion in kickboxing), and WKA (World Kickboxing Association) and Klaus Begala ( Grandmaster in Jiu-Jiutsu Freefight). His career spanned fourteen years. His record included:

1999 Bavarian champion in Thai boxing (super heavyweight MTBD, Thürnau)
2000 German Champion in kick-boxing (super heavyweight WKA, Nonnenmacher)
2001 Victorious battle against reigning World Champion in Free-Fight (Super-heavyweight)
2001 vice-world champion in Thai boxing (super heavyweight WKA)
2002 professional license
2003 K-1 fighter in the super-heavyweight 2011 ISKA kickboxing champion
2012 ISKA kickboxing champion
2013 IKBF World Champion Champion

MIKE (GJETAN) KETA (born 23 April 1983), known as Gjetan Keta is an Albanian professional boxer who competes as a middleweight. He is trained by his brother Ismail Keta, who was a professional kickboxer. He has 25 fights, 21 wins and 4 losses. n 2014, Keta expressed his desire to wrestle a match in his hometown,Bulqizë. It was announced that he will defend his WBC Eurasia Pacific Boxing Council middleweight title against the Russian boxer Marat Khuzeev on 18 October 2014 at Bulqiza Arena. There, Keta beat Khuzeev by knockouting him in the third round.