Shooting Stories on Solidarity in Serbia


Examples of individual solidarity of citizens and thier own solidarity initiatives:

  1. Rade Jovanović (20) from Belgrade told us how the peacture of the bearfoot girl in the bus have evoked in him the feeling of citizens solidarity which have resulted with his help to the girl, and after that with the act of the solidarity of other people to him, which had heard for his humanitarian act. (from the shooting)PagesScreenSnapz001
  2. Migrants from the asylum center in Krnjaca told us the exemples of solidarity which they had gotten of the Serbian citizens during their transit to Serbia. We heard touching human stories  about support which they got from people living at places through which they passed.PagesScreenSnapz002 PagesScreenSnapz003 PagesScreenSnapz004
  3. Marko Savic from Kraljevo told us how citizens of this town helped people in trouble after the earthquake that in 2010 hit this city (from shooting)PagesScreenSnapz005
  4. Dragan Milenkovic from Obrenovac told us how he helped citizens of his town as a volunteer in the flood which particularly badly affected Obrenovac in March 2014. Dragan’s family didn’t have the demage of the flood and he was coordinating for several months the municipality activites with donators and helped the sanation of the public institutions and family houses of the citizens of his town.PagesScreenSnapz006
  5. Bogdanovic Milan – Kale from Obrenovac, told us how he was helping, on his own initiative, the citizens of his city which were affected by the flood in March 2014, but he told also how the donator halped him and supported the recovery of his locksmith service affected inj the flood. Even today he has not reconstructed his family house because –as he sais- I invest everithing in small business and mashines, and for the house there is time.PagesScreenSnapz007

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