Little School of Solidarity

Little school of solidarity

We have created an educational poster-comic book “Little School of Solidarity” with the aim of encouraging children, their educators and parents to positive values, solidarity and good behavior.

This is a call for conversation with the children about kindness, care for others, and the ways in which the youngest can be involved in supporting old people, friend in trouble or environmental protection. Our idea is that solidarity can be learned and working with children is the way to provide that this value is recogniyed and appriciated amongst the youth.

We are inviting all the teachers who are interested to use this poster in work with children to contact us via email , and we will send required number of posters for free.

So far, we have distributed over 1.000 copies of posters and delivered them to about 100 kindergartens, schools and various institutions for children across Serbia. As feedback, we are receiving great photos of children with posters, as well as their comments that show how children are well recognizing the concept of solidarity towards their peers, the elderly, and animals and about environmental protection.

Children’s comments were very interesting because situations that are described through practical examples from the poster are situations children face every day. From the many children’s comments, we have listed a few:

– Every piece of snack I share with someone strengthens our friendship

– We are all equal, we are all the same if we are honest and clean in our souls

– If we aren’t responsible to the elderly, we will experience the same situation one day

– I preserve nature to make my life healthier

In the city of Novi Pazar they recorded a nice TV show named „Solidarty as style of life“ with children and a story about the Little School of Solidarity, see the video through the link.

Foundation Ana and Vlade Divac celebrates 10 years of work and as part of this anniversary we have organized a series of events named “Celebrating Solidarity”. We want to encourage solidarity by providing our fellow citizens across Serbia with various free programs and activities tailored to different generations and interests of Serbian citizens. The project was supported by the EU through the Program “Europe for Citizens”.



Posted on December 21, 2017 in Serbia

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